Back in 2005, I was heartbroken and single when Valentine’s Day came along. I decided to turn lemons into lemonade with a little Valentine’s Day art project called Love Drug. It initially started as a lark but it developed some momentum as it went along and resulted in a website and a novelty product.

LoveDrug is a mock pharmaceutical that you can take to fall in love, or make your potential partner fall in love. I also created the UnLove Drug which has the opposite effect.



The website resulted in a story in the Boston Phoenix which you can read below. This in turn resulted in people contacting me and ordering more than I had to produce. Regrettably, I didn’t meet any lovely female customers to whom I could slip a pill!

Love Drug review

Make Your Own!

And for those of you who are feeling crafty, I have made the artwork available for downloading should you want to make up some Love Drug of your own. The design files are PDFs and include labels for the bottles which you can print on sticker paper, and a template for the boxes that the bottles come in which can be printed on cardstock or heavier paper. For the bottles, I recommend using an old prescription bottle. You can also buy these at most local pharmacies. You can insert any candies you like in the bottles, I used pink and blue heart candies.

Here are PDFs

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