The Agile Marketers are Coming … to Moscow

Last week my friend and fellow Agile marketer, Jim Ewel, and I travelled to Moscow to deliver an Agile marketing training that was arranged by a Moscow based consulting firm called AgileSpace. This firm is led by Marina and Dmitry Simonovy—a husband and wife team that appear to be fermenting an Agile marketing revolution in Russia.  This was… Read more »

The State of Agile: SF Agile Marketing Meetup

For those of you who were unable to make it out for the SF Agile Marketing Meetup, here’s a recording of the content that Frank Days and I co-presented. Many thanks to Austin Waine and Paul Willard for organizing!  

The Cynefin Framework Necessitates Agile

I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting to a group of senior marketers with Scott Brinker—in the session he introduced the group to the Cynefin Framework by way of explaining why Agile is increasingly being adopted for marketing. I’ve made other arguments for this in my book but I was immediately struck by the usefulness of this framework… Read more »

The Marketing Book Podcast Get Agile

It’s been a few months since my book came out and I’m starting to hear from marketers who have had a chance to read it. I”ve also had the opportunity to do a few presentations on the book at industry conferences and to teams that are looking to become more Agile. So far so good. Like any… Read more »

Richard Delahaye of Barracuda discusses Agile Marketing

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Frank Days as the new co-host of the Marketing Agility Podcast (subscribe on iTunes). The podcast was actually started a while back but hadn’t been updated in awhile—so I reached out to Frank to see if he’d be interested in revitalizing it with my help. With my book… Read more »