Let’s Talk Social Creole @SXSW 2014

I’m happy to report that I’ll be presenting a talk entitled “How Social Technologies Create New Languages” this year at SXSW. If you’re attending the event I hope you’ll join the session and share it with your friends. As the title suggests, the topic explores the idea that language and social technology are in a coevolutionary… Read more »

Words of Wisdom from 14 Leading Marketers via @Eloqua

I’m in  great company when it comes to Eloqua’s recent marketing leader roundup. Check out their slideshare below. I’m on  board with Matt Heinz regarding the importance of process, though I think of process and culture must also be tightly linked. And to Tony Zambito, I say that the process must include a protocol for… Read more »

Twitter Digest

Wait, is today Friday? Crazy. UNDERSTAND/FIX THE WORLD Future Now has a good post about making the case for avoiding jargon and acronyms: http://bit.ly/m1vTe Wired: some last minute excitement for the Netfilx Prize …. more crowdsourcing madness: http://bit.ly/NXDIt Dan Roam draws helpful pictures that explain the healthcare crisis, or should I say insurance wars? http://bit.ly/onbqL… Read more »

Twitter Digest

Welcome to Friday. I have a bunch of stuff from Kottke.org, so I just wanted to mention that it’s an awesome feed. UNDERSTAND/FIX THE WORLD Seven lies about lying, a great NY Times piece by Errol Morris (via kotkke) http://bit.ly/W9pxe Hot Waitress Economic Index (via kottke) http://bit.ly/J62Y2 Google’s tools to make the web faster: (via… Read more »

Twitter Digest

It was another week. UNDERSTAND/FIX THE WORLD Dare I say, get smart? http://smart.fm/ MARKETING A cool tool for updating all your social media sites at once: http://ping.fm/ Good news for customer service: http://bit.ly/14vKLS Video of Jeff Bezos about Amazon and Zappos http://bit.ly/2xUfJp DESIGN A great post by Alexa Andrzejewski on the experience design process: http://bit.ly/DfMkw… Read more »