A Backlash Against Social Networks

I’m always on the lookout for perspective on how social networks are impacting our society. Here are two recent pieces that bubbled up through the noise this week. The first speaks to fundamentals of how we have traditionally connected to our social networks and how technology is augmenting this practice. The arguments is basically that we’ve #gamed/#hacked… Read more »

Team Collaboration Tips & How To Avoid Communication Overhead

Earlier this week I got an email from a co-worker expressing  exasperation at the proliferation of communication and collaboration tools he is being asked to use. It got me thinking about how much effort I’ve invested in streamlining my systems. I’m the kind of person that naturally invests in systems up front, who cleans dishes… Read more »

Reflections On China & China-Tech

I recently traveled to China for business and tacked on a couple days to explore the Shanghai area and learn about the country. I’ve worked with colleagues in the Asia/Pacific region -and in China specifically- for some time but I’ve had little opportunity to meet with them in person. One of my goals for this trip… Read more »

Pick Your North Star

I’m writing to share a simple tactic that can help drive alignment, communicate a common sense of direction, validate decisions on a daily basis, and even inspire your team. I started thinking about this tactic years ago at Adaptive Path but it came back into focus in a book that I recently read called The… Read more »

Leadership Is Often About Setting Expectations

I’ve been thinking about “leadership” for a while and I’m finally ready to share some initial thoughts. Let me state up front that I don’t think that leadership can be separated from management …. or, at least, great leaders must be good managers. Now I don’t have an MBA -and most people who do don’t really learn… Read more »