Combating Agile Objections: It Doesn’t Scale!

Scaling Agile marketing is a topic that I expect to come up more and more as Agile gains currency with marketing groups. It’s certainly coming up frequently on The Marketing Agility Podcast so this post pulls together some of my thoughts on the topic. By way of introduction to the topic, here’s a brief quote… Read more »

A Brilliant Team Building Lego Exercise

Every year I host an annual offsite meeting for my team. We’re a distributed organization, so we pick someplace nice and all get there for a few days. I have several goals for this get together but they all benefit from stepping outside of our day-to-day working context. It provides an opportunity to reflect on how… Read more »

Richard Delahaye of Barracuda discusses Agile Marketing

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Frank Days as the new co-host of the Marketing Agility Podcast (subscribe on iTunes). The podcast was actually started a while back but hadn’t been updated in awhile—so I reached out to Frank to see if he’d be interested in revitalizing it with my help. With my book… Read more »

A Case For Remote Workers

Remote working is a trending topic with Google Founders talking about how it will end the 40-hour work week, Marissa Mayer’s no work-from-home edict, and Tony Shae’s focus on increasing collisions by having workers live/work in a company community. I think remote working presents a huge opportunity for companies.  Caveat, this post focuses on work that does not require in-person… Read more »

Let’s Talk Social Creole @SXSW 2014

I’m happy to report that I’ll be presenting a talk entitled “How Social Technologies Create New Languages” this year at SXSW. If you’re attending the event I hope you’ll join the session and share it with your friends. As the title suggests, the topic explores the idea that language and social technology are in a coevolutionary… Read more »