Why Has The Electronic Cigarette NOT Exploded?

It’s not that often that I come across a new product or service that has the potential to save lives and make money. I think the e-cigarette is such a product and is poised to disrupt the industry. What I find strange is that it hasn’t blown up yet …. but then, I might just… Read more »

Marketing With “FREE”

Here’s an interesting interview with Chris Anderson, the Editor-in-Chief at WIRED. His book, FREE, will be published in 2009 by Hyperion. In the video Chris discusses where the “freevolution” will fit in the future of business, the video was made at POP! Tech. Many of his comments resonate with the impulse to turn products into… Read more »

One Interesting Super Bowl Advertisement

I didn’t see  much of note during the Super Bowl this year. I certainly wasn’t surprised to see the job site advertisements considering the financial crisis. I thought the Career Builder and  Monster spots were the most entertaining, for what that’s worth.  I do enjoy a dose of slapstick as much as the next guy… Read more »

Interactive Billboards As A Bridge To Mobile Marketing

Before I begin, I am obliged to state that advertising, whether on a billboard, mobile phone, website or printed page, is only one small part of marketing. Sorry, but I’m gonna keep repeating that until people stop asking me if marketing is part of advertising or if advertising is part of marketing. Here’s a short… Read more »

Getting Energized In A Recession

Here in the insulated bubble of San Francisco it feels like the recession is finally touching ground. The recession proof real-estate market is beginning to show real signs of softening, In Union Square almost every retail store has gone from 50% off to 70% off, stores are closing, and the tech sector is really starting… Read more »