4 Agile Marketing Questions on Organizational Readiness

You’re an agile marketer and you’re gearing up for an interview with a prospective employer. You’ve read my previous post on assessing readiness for agile marketing leadership, check. Your resume is updated, check. You’ve got top of mind anecdotes about what you’ve accomplished, check. Do you have a list of questions to assess how ready the… Read more »

Is Your Prospective Employer Ready for an Agile Marketing Leader?

First in a two part series on the agile marketer’s guide to employees. If, like me, you’re a firm believer in agile as an instrument of competitive advantage than you’re on the lookout for companies and teams where you can put it in play. But how can you best assess these? If you’re an aspiring… Read more »

The Most Revealing Questions To Ask Agile Marketing Candidates

The third and final installment in my series on hiring agile marketing leaders. So you’ve come to the conclusion that there are no eligible candidates to promote from within for the position of agile marketing leader. You’ve done your homework and identified the type of management styles that are compatible with an agile marketing approach, and you’ve… Read more »

Finding the Right Agile Management Style

Second in a three-part series for CEOs and marketing executives on hiring agile marketing leadership. In my previous post, I wrote about two qualifications that every agile marketing leader must possess. Here, I’ll take on something that’s harder to assess but no less important: determining the right management style for your agile CMO.  Agile leadership… Read more »

How to Recruit Agile Marketing Leaders

The first installment of a three-part series on hiring agile marketing leaders CEOs may have taken note of agile marketing, but few know what to look for in an agile-capable chief marketing officer. As an agile marketer who has gone through the experience of building agile marketing teams, I’ve pulled together a short primer on… Read more »