Ok, so I know I’m on a Burger King binge here …. but I have to write one last post. In my over exuberance for their recent campaign I went out to grab a Whopper for lunch even though I am very much against fast food, and avoid it at all costs.

Burger King has made a HUGE innovation in Fry Technology by taking a page from Apple’s book. Let me introduce you to the FRYPOD!


S'cuze me, could I get those hot and crispy, but not fresh?

As an aside there was nothing in the store representing the online campaigns. There was a separate Apply Fry offering, which consisted of cut apple slices. A packet of caramel sauce, probably made entirely from artificial ingredients, should help wash away any nutritional benefit from the apple. Also, back online, they have a meat flavored perfume called FLAME. But I digress ….

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