A Case For Remote Workers

Remote working is a trending topic with Google Founders talking about how it will end the 40-hour work week, Marissa Mayer’s no work-from-home edict, and Tony Shae’s focus on increasing collisions by having workers live/work in a company community. I think remote working presents a huge opportunity for companies.  Caveat, this post focuses on work that does not require in-person… Read more »

Let’s Talk Social Creole @SXSW 2014

I’m happy to report that I’ll be presenting a talk entitled “How Social Technologies Create New Languages” this year at SXSW. If you’re attending the event I hope you’ll join the session and share it with your friends. As the title suggests, the topic explores the idea that language and social technology are in a coevolutionary… Read more »

Words of Wisdom from 14 Leading Marketers via @Eloqua

I’m in  great company when it comes to Eloqua’s recent marketing leader roundup. Check out their slideshare below. I’m on  board with Matt Heinz regarding the importance of process, though I think of process and culture must also be tightly linked. And to Tony Zambito, I say that the process must include a protocol for… Read more »

The Marketer’s Tech-Stack Debate: 2014 Prediction

It’s amazing how much tech there is for marketeers but it’s also amazing how much further the tech needs to come. The giants of tech are chasing the promise of a fully integrated tech stack to run your entire business. The up-and-comers offer a compelling case as to why granular services/platforms that plug-and-play well will… Read more »

Is The Future Of Marketing Automation Social?

Last week I had the good fortune to present at Eloqua Experience on two of my favorite topics, marketing automation and social tech. I’m betting that most of my readers we not in the audience so I’m writing to share an abridged version of the presentation here. The narrative compares the history of marketing automation… Read more »