Your Agile Transformation Team is Hidden in Plain Sight

  If your CMO isn’t knowledgeable about, or bought into, agile marketing than the chances that agile will continue to gain traction in the organization and become transformative aren’t good. The big consultancies are banking on this as trusted advisors, and digital transformation guides, they have the CMO’s ear and see an opportunity to deliver… Read more »

Winning Executive Buy-In for an Agile Transformation

If you’re like most of the marketers who listen to The Marketing Agility Podcast, you’re putting Agile to work in your company or group—or you’re exploring how to do so. Based on our interviews, having executive buy-in will have a huge impact on your likelihood of success—I’ll share just how much in the presentation below. So, in this post I’m sharing some content… Read more »

Building An Agile Team From Scratch

@BrookeLynnLuxe tweeted to me:  [email protected], loving the #marketing agility #podcast. I’m a #startup CMO.. Thoughts on building an agile mktg org from scratch? #agile — Brooke Lynn (@BrookeLynnLuxe) June 13, 2016 [email protected] sounds good! Also, can you do this as a team of one managing contractors? Looking forward to the conversation! #agile #marketing — Brooke Lynn… Read more »

Combating Agile Objections: It Doesn’t Scale!

Scaling Agile marketing is a topic that I expect to come up more and more as Agile gains currency with marketing groups. It’s certainly coming up frequently on The Marketing Agility Podcast so this post pulls together some of my thoughts on the topic. By way of introduction to the topic, here’s a brief quote… Read more »

Will Agile Marketing Go Mainstream?

This is a question that comes up a lot on The Marketing Agility Podcast. Is it worth delving into or is it a distraction?  I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. For those that have already started adopting Agile you know that it revolutionized software development and product management over the last 15 years…. Read more »