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Roland Smart The Agile Marketer

  • Understand Agile and why it's critical to marketing modernization
  • Learn how Agile can be applied to marketing and integrated with traditional methods
  • Apply Agile to become a customer experience leader
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Craig Dempster, EVP, Digital Agency Group Leader for Merkle and co-author of The Rise of the Platform Marketer

“The breakneck pace of change in today’s marketing world has made the traditional annual plan a thing of the past. A customercentric organization faces enormous challenges in navigating this increasingly dynamic ecosystem. Technology and marketing must work together more closely than ever to be nimble, and The Agile Marketer crisply captures the necessary steps to make it happen.”

Brian Solis, digital analyst and author of X: Where Business Meets Design

“The Agile Marketer is an essential read for transformational strategies to make your business focused, fast, prioritized, and predictable. The world of technology just became a lot more manageable.”

Juduth Sim, CMO at Oracle

“In this age of the empowered customer, this book should be required reading for any marketing leader in a data-driven world. The Agile Marketer is full of insights from Smart’s experience in the startup world and at Oracle. A fantastic read to help chart your plan to stay competitive.”

Jim Ewell, Advisor and blogger at Agilemarketing.net

“In The Agile Marketer, Roland Smart convincingly argues that we need a new approach to marketing, one that is agile and focused on the customer experience. Filled with examples from his career both at startups and at Oracle, Roland’s practical advice will help marketers at companies of all sizes serve as better stewards of their company’s customer experience.”

Jascha Kaykas Wolff , CMO at Mozilla

“Roland is a student of the game and his book hits on all the right notes. Practical, witty The Agile Marketer should be on your shelf if you aspire to be a modern marketer.”

Frank Days, Tech Marketing VP and Host of the Marketing Agility Podcast

“Marketers are facing tectonic shifts in the media landscape coupled with ever-increasing customer expectations. In The Agile Marketer, Smart concisely captures the realities of marketing in this new environment and shares innovative approaches to support modernization. While Agile is not new, Smart explains why it is critical to modernization and how to make it work in a marketing context. Anyone who is interested in transforming the way marketing works should read this book.”

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