Season 2 of The Marketing Agility Podcast is now available in your podcast feed and focuses on the challenges of scaling agile. What’s new is that there are now enough big companies putting agile marketing to work that we can start drawing more reliable insights from these case studies.

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3 Lessons from Season 2

  1. Pilot First: Even if you’re going big—you need to start small. We heard over and over again about the importance of piloting agile transformation to assess company, cultural, and team fit. The learnings from this process will allow you to scale more aggressively later.
  2. Frameworks Matter: Adopting a scaling framework is critical—but frameworks must be adapted too. There are lighter weight and heavier weight scaling frameworks, whichever you choose you should expect to evolve the framework to suit your context.
  3. Diversify Methods: Scale does not imply consistent methods across the board. While scaling frameworks provide and overall consistent structure, successful large scale implementations allow teams to choose and adapt their methods (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, etc).

Our Guests

This season showcases conversations with practitioners as well as vendors and consultants to get a full picture of scaling agile marketing:

I hope you’ll check out the season and share your feedback with Frank and me!

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