Marketing 2.0 Explained from Roland Smart

I created this short video to share some of what I think distinguishes Marketing 2.0 from traditional marketing. I’ve also created a personalized version that talks more specifically about my consulting practice on the About Page of this site.

Thanks for watching and I look forward to your feedback!

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6 Comments to What Is Marketing 2.0? … The Movie!

  1. Freda Byrne says:

    Hi Roland,
    Nice work on this. We have been talking more and more about web 2.0 and 3.0 with clients. Indeed many are looking for insights and answers in how to get stared in Web 2.0 marketing. I am seeing a lot of “flogging” around out there. You certainly get it down to its core with this and make it very understandable.
    What are you up to these days? Are you working independently? Would love to catch up with you. Perhaps we could do lunch someday soon? Regards, Freda

  2. Blake Engel says:

    Very nice piece. Both insightful and well produced!

    Are you familiar with Scout Labs?

    You guys seem to be thinking about things similarly.


  3. Phil LeStein says:

    Dude, you’re the man!
    Very nice presentation, good animation job too, it gets the point(s) across brilliantly.


  4. Succinctly put! Sorting out exactly what your social media strategy should be (as it aligns with your business strategy) and, in tandem, selecting the solutions you’ll need to execute, analyze, and moderate it is key (vs. saying, “I know we need to do something with social media — let’s try this and see what happens!”) The goal is to better understand user’s feedback (aka: content) and monetize it to continually develop your community and build your brand. Mind if I put your vid in our next newsletter?

  5. I love the animation & I even learned something in the process!

  6. […] the need to reach large numbers of consumers. The first approach is in line with what I refer to as Marketing 2.0 and is focused on finding consumers where they self-organize to provide them with useful […]

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